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Proud and Humbled

Proud and Humbled

As some of you may remember late in 2018, I was informed that I was to be made an Honorary Fellow of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. At yesterday’s UKCP Members Forum it was presented to me. Part of what made this so special was that my best friend and co-director of the The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy made a speech before it was given to me.

I did not know what to expect, we know each other very well as I always say she is my sister from another mister, I admit to being blown away by th sentiment. She could have done a retrospect of my career my achievements and other such things. These were briefly mentioned, but the crux of the speech was messages from my students past and present about their thoughts about me. I was moved to say the least. There are times where I wonder if I have made any difference at all in my student’s journies toward qualification. I will never need wonder about that again.

The kindness, wit and generosity that they wrote of me humbled me to my core. So much so, that despite having a very witty plan for my acceptance speech, I could say little other than how moved and honoured I was and am. Those who know me best know that for me to not make a few jokes is totally out of character. The full letters were given to me by Fiona to read as they all could not go in the speech. To say that a tear or two was shed, is a gross understatement.

To all of you who have made my life better in this field I humbly thank you, and I will never forget your kindness. Even if there are times when it appears that I do.

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