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Is the Proliferation of Hypnotherapy Training a Good Thing

Is the Proliferation of Hypnotherapy Training a Good Thing

A few days ago, regular readers will remember that I wrote a piece on the importance of live training for hypnotherapy. I thought I would expand on that theme today and discuss the proliferation of hypnotherapy training courses over the past 20 years. When I first came to the UK there were only about 6 major schools that taught hypnotherapy throughout the UK. These were schools, of which all but two still exist, that took the subject seriously. The principals of these schools were accomplished practitioners and many had educational and academic backgrounds which tied in nicely to the responsibility of teaching ethical practitioners.

On only needs to google hypnotherapy training to see the plethora of schools which have sprouted up in the last 20 years. Now, of course, choice is a good thing. Also the creation of more schools tends towards the idea that there will be greater innovation in teaching methods and approaches. However, there is a significant minority of these schools set up by practitioners who seem to simply not be able to make it in private practice. These people may see that training is an easier and more lucrative gig than seeing clients. Again, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I will always recommend that before choosing a hypnotherapy school ask if the trainer is still seeing clients. If a trainer is not seeing clients, I would argue that they are not in the best position to teach others how to. So in answer to my own question, the proliferation of hypnotherapy trainings is a mixed bag with some good and some not so good qualities.

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