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Professional Marketing in Hypnotherapy

Professional Marketing in Hypnotherapy

Well the time has come, we are in November and there is talk of “Black Friday” sales and discounts. I always find Black Friday interesting from the UK point of view as it is totally meaningless. In the US, in the last 15-20 years the Friday after Thanksgiving was made into Black Friday, a day to buy anything and everything at a discount in preparation for Christmas a month a way. As we have no Thanksgiving Day, then by right we should have no Black Friday, but like so many Americanisms we in the UK pick it up with barely a thought to relevance and just jump on the proverbial band wagon.

I mention this, as I have seen an advertisement for a Black Friday sale for hypnotherapy services. I admit to being torn between finding it laughable and disgusting. For all of my adult life, I have endeavoured to make the hypnotherapy profession more professional. I want it to be a credible profession on a par with any other, and yet, we still have hucksters who are simply interested in making money no matter how it looks. Think about it, how many solicitors, accountants or private doctors have Black Friday sales? Exactly none, why because they are professionals and don’t set themselves out like a bargain basement wholesaler. For pity sake, can the profession not weed these people out for the majority of genuine professionals who are made to look foolish because of the foolish actions of a few bad apples?

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