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Professional Ethics and Hypnotherapy

Professional Ethics and Hypnotherapy

A few weeks ago some of you may recall I wrote about a course to qualify a person as a psychotherapist through distance learning for £95.00. Obviously this programme is utter nonsense as it would not come close to qualifying anyone to be registered with any legitimate psychotherapy body. 

It now seems that this “school” is offering a qualification in “Ericksonian Hypnotherapy” under the same terms. This is an affront to anyone who takes their training seriously as well as being a genuine risk to the public. Why a risk to the public you ask? Well having a person work with most precious part of you, the mind, that person should be trained and assessed to ensure that he or she is competent to work with you. 

This “course” cannot possibly do this in any meaningful way. I realise that things are tough for many practitioners, but for a practitioner to put out courses like this makes me seriously question their ethics. Surely it is in no ones interest to mass produce therapists who have no real experience to work on vulnerable people. Frankly, it is wrong and the professional associations need to guide their members when it comes to this folly. I know the argument that professional bodies don’t want to interfere with their members legal, business activities. However, there is also the wider question as to whether just because something is legal is it ethical. I would say in circumstances like this, ethics out weighs legal.

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