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Prince Harry Talks Mental Health Hope

Prince Harry Talks Mental Health Hope

Thought it is not as famous as the Olympic Games or the World Championships, the Invictus Games began yesterday. As most people will know, the Invictus Games are about service men and women who have come back from war damaged physically and in some cases emotionally or psychologically.

The games were the brain child of Prince Harry, who himself was a service officer in the British armed forces. Having an understanding that can only come from serving in combat, His Royal Highness, came up with these games to help injured service men and women regain a sense of physical and mental well being.

Unlike many elected officials, Prince Harry was willing to make mental health a central point of his opening speech of the games. He hopes that the games will provide inspiration to those suffering with mental health issues. As a psychotherapist, and a Briton, I am proud that our Royal Family is looking at the importance of mental health, and novel ways of helping people regain and maintain good mental health.

The importance of good physical health being a positive influence on mental health cannot be overstated. I hope that the Invictus Games go from strength to strength.

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