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Prince Charles & Psychotherapy

Prince Charles & Psychotherapy

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have real issues of celebrities being used to market hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practises. I have said for years that these types of testimonials are a breach of confidence and not a good thing for the celebrity in question.

However, today I read that in a new book that claims that Prince Charles was in therapy for 14 years. This is a situation where, if it is true, the client has been “outed” in a book. This outing would have most likely taken place without his consent and is a breach of his right to confidentiality.

It is irrelevant in my mind that he is the Prince of Wales, psychotherapy is a personal process which is between the psychotherapist and client. It is none of anyone else’s business as to whether the relationship even exists. Psychotherapy can help people to overcome many of life’s challenges and it is something where a client should feel safe to explore their issues.

It is a sad state of affairs where an author uses a person’s private therapy as a means of selling a book. This, I must emphasise is not saying it is true, His Royal Highness may not have been in therapy or may have been in therapy for a lesser time. However you look at it, these “tell all” type books should follow the rules of decency no matter who it is written about.

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