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Potential Weaknesses to Freudian Theory Pt2

Potential Weaknesses to Freudian Theory Pt2

Additional weaknesses in Freudian theory may include:

*          inaccuracies in Freud’s developmental theories (e.g., masturbation being shown to occur as early as the first year of life [if not in the womb], the so-called latency period not being particularly latent, and question marks concerning the universality and validity of the Oepidus and Electra complexes);

*          restricted selection of patients (psychoanalysis being subject, e.g., to the “YAVIS” effect, suitable patients being young, articulate, verbal, intelligent and successful – criteria so stringent that it is not unknown for scientific studies on analysis to be abandoned [e.g., Candy et al., 1972]);

*          and the allegation that Freudian theory is a product of its patriarchal times and of limited relevance and applicability currently (e.g., being based upon a biased patient group largely comprising middle/upper class Viennese women suffering from hysteria, and incorporating a value system viewing homosexuality and perfectionism,  for instance, as abnormal).

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