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Post Number 500

Post Number 500

Well, I never thought I would reach a half century with my blog, but this post represents my 500th posting. When I first began this process it was to be a method to improve my SEO and little else. As time went on however, I have found this to be not only useful for the website, but also useful for me professionally. Writing these articles have forced me to look back at subjects I haven’t looked at for quite some time. I have also done research into areas of phobia which have proved to be very useful for my professional development.

It is now my hope that my students will read these postings in order to gain, what I feel to be, very useful background knowledge to the subjects that they are studying with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy as well as other hypnotherapists who may be new to the profession or even some “oldies”. There are some articles which I hope potential clients also found of use, particularly those around goal setting and achieving as well as some of the information from the phobia posts I have made.

In any event, I look forward to reaching my century, by my calculations somewhere around mid 2017

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