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Post Natal Depression in Men

Post Natal Depression in Men

This might sound unusual to some people but more and more new fathers are developing what can only be described as post natal depression after the birth of their child. These feelings are generally around a sense of failure, both as a father and as a husband or partner. It has been said that this effects one in ten men, which by any calculation is a high percentage of new fathers. This sense of failure is often related to not feeling connected to the baby as they feel or have been told that they should. In reality, these feelings are very similar in women who experience post natal depression. With men experiencing these feelings it debunks the idea that post natal depression is a hormonal issue, but rather a change of life issue.

Anyone who has had a child will say that having a child changes a person’s life. Some people are better prepared for this than others. It is important that men and women who are struggling with this can feel safe to discuss their issues and through discussion and understanding hopefully will be able to make an appropriate bond with their child and will eventually lead to a healthy relationship with the child.

Mental health issues do not know gender and it is important that we realise that just because genders may be different, suffering is a universal and we should as practitioners and as people do what we can to alleviate their suffering.

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