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Politics and Your Mental Health

Politics and Your Mental Health

We all know that there has been a lot of politics over the past 12 months. This is the sign of a vibrant healthy democracy. However, unlike at any other time I believe in our history the arguments have become so nasty and polarising that it is having a negative effect on some people’s mental health.

It appears that the current political climate that carte blanch has been given to people venting their real negative thoughts and feelings. These things would normally be kept under wraps but now it seems acceptable to let these things out. Whilst perhaps some people feel better for doing this, for many others it engenders a state of fear and anxiety which is having a very negative effect on people’s mental health and well being.

We as a society, need to find a way to be allowed to express ourselves with in a way that allows out feelings to be appropriately represented without causing harm to others. Our political leaders need to take a certain responsibility as to how political debate and discord can be expressed. We need to remember that even when we disagree, we are all of the same country and we have to be able to live with one another in the spirit of that.

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