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Please Enough With the Celebrity Title With Hypnotherapy

Please Enough With the Celebrity Title With Hypnotherapy

I have, yet again, seen another puff piece article regarding hypnotherapy and a celebrity user of the service. Not only is the user lauded as a celebrity, but so is the hypnotherapist. Look, I get it, depending on the publication that is being written for is pandering to their readers. The word celebrity is a term that many people are attracted to. Indeed, for many there is a desire to become a celebrity.

I have no real problem with the use of the word celebrity when you are in the public eye. Ok, I really don’t like it, but there is little I can do about it. However, professional practitioners are NOT celebrities, they are professionals offering professional services. This is not something to play about with. If the public is meant to make an informed decision about what practitioner to see needs facts not hyperbole. Describing oneself as a “Celebrity Therapist” means nothing, it is not a title bestowed it is a description made by a practitioner or a lazy journalist. I wish that all practitioners would play on an even pitch in order to provide the public with the best possible professional service.

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