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Please Be Mindful of The Therapist You Choose

Please Be Mindful of The Therapist You Choose

I know I have been on this subject several times in the past, but I believe it to be revisited many times in order to educate the public. I was recently doing one of my google searches for a topic relating to psychotherapy and I came across two organisations which claim to represent psychotherapists. This might not seem so bad, but when looking at their membership directory, the vast majority had no formal qualifications in psychotherapy. Sure there were people with qualifications in hypnotherapy and coaching, but not psychotherapy.

The concern that I have is that people who should know better are either being deliberately deceptive or people who should know better simply do not understand. It is an established professional fact that there are certain things, trainings and knowledge which is required to be a psychotherapist. This is not simply putting the word in the title of your organisation or your qualification, it is about understanding what psychotherapy is and is no. Psychotherapy is not hypnotherapy, though hypno-psychotherapists use hypnosis as a vehicle to deliver psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is not coaching, two totally different disciplines. Psychotherapy is not counselling, though the two walk a very similar path.

If you are looking for a hypnotherapist, counsellor, coach or psychotherapist make sure that the person offering the services is properly qualified to do so. If you look on my homepage you will see a more full explanation of the differences between these disciplines.

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