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Is There a Place for Regression in Modern Hypnotherapy

Is There a Place for Regression in Modern Hypnotherapy

This is a topic which I will be lecturing on at the 9th Annual International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference run by the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and the National Society of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness in June 2017 in Leicester. Having taught hypnotherapists since 1993, this is still one of the most common questions that come up. Regression is often seen as a rather blunt intsrument when dealing with client’s issues. However, when used in conjunction with other forms of therapy it can be a very effective method to assist clients to overcome past issues and start living their lives in the here and now.

Now when I talk about regression in this context, I am referring to present life regression. I am not a practitioner who undertakes the use of past life regression in any way. When one looks at the past through regression, a client can often see nuance which they could not see at the time. Now, of course, memory is subjective and whatever a client recalls using hypnosis is subject to challenge. That being said, I think it is a mistake to believe that regression should be consigned to the past of our profession, there are still many effective interventions which regression can assist with and I believe regression will have a continued place in the practitioner’s tool box.

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