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Physical Reactions to Stress

Physical Reactions to Stress

These occur as pressure of stress builds up and it affects the body, especially when it is thrown out of balance, and especially where there is no time for the body to re-adjust.  It becomes unhealthy stress and not the stress we need to achieve things.  With many work patterns these days  the body is always being thrown out of rhythm with the unsociable hours, long hours as the impact on the digestive system.

Tension and irritability can be manifested as physical symptoms as there is no other way the body can deal with it.

So when people find themselves in circumstances that they feel are beyond their control they often subconsciously transfer their feelings to manifest as a physical symptom, some of which have been mentioned.

A common one is a headache; it is the feeling of hopelessness or frustration that result I a headache.  Not forgetting the organic reasons for headaches, i.e. eyestrain, constipation or next strain to name a few.

Skin problems such as eczema can be manifested; as it is the way the body reacts if the stress is not dealt with in the right way.  The irritation in the subconscious manifests physically as another form of irritation.

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