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Phases of the Supervisory Relationship

Phases of the Supervisory Relationship

Today, I thought it might be useful for both public and professionals to have a look at the phases of the supervision relationship. Most practitioners talk about supervision, hopefully this will give some additional insights.

Developing Phase

Clarifying relationship between supervisor and supervisee

Establishing contract

Supporting teaching interventions

Developing competencies

Developing treatment plans

Mature Phases

Increasing individual nature of relationship, becoming less role bound

Increasing social bonding and influence potential

Developing skills of case conceptualisation

Increasing self-confidence and self-efficacy as a therapist

Confronting personal issues as they relate to professional performance

Terminating phase

Understanding connections between theory and practice in relation to particular clients

Decreasing need for direction from supervisor

(Source: Holloway, E. (1995) Clinical Supervision: A Systems Approach. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage)



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