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Personality Types in Stress Management

Personality Types in Stress Management

Personality types

You may see that there are different personality types that react to stress, for the purpose of this I have narrowed it down to three of them. See if you can recognise yourself or other people and take the personality test on the following pages.

Type A Personality

Type A‘s have an intense drive and ambition, a never ending struggle to accomplish tasks.  They exhibit anger, hostility and aggressiveness.  They always need to get things done, a sort of hurry sickness.  On the positive side they are go getters ambitious and achieve their goals.  This can affect negatively on quality of life aspects.  They generally display

  • More distress
  • More emotional tension and depression
  • Less health, job and home satisfaction
  • Less happiness, fun and playfulness.
  • More anger and irritability

Type B Personality

They display an absence of urgency, easy going and patient.  They have less hostility, which can be attributed to their higher sense of self esteem and personal security.  They also have an optimistic outlook attitude to life and events which act as a protection against stressful events.

Type E Woman

Type a woman fall into this category; this is because they have to succeed on all fronts, wife, mother and business.  They have t be super woman to excel. This is why their has been a sharp increase in stress related illness in recent years.

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