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Personality Traits

Personality traits

Clients with personality traits associated with personality disorders may be particularly difficult to treat. For an outline of personality disorders please read yesterday’s blog. They have probably displayed the traits for many years and their lives have been lived in such a way that these traits fit in. For example, a person with the traits for histrionic personality disorder may have successfully carried out a career in the theatre.

Some therapists would argue that these traits are a permanent, or at least a relatively stable, component of the personality and are not amenable to therapeutic change.

Another concern is that the person has become adept at manipulating the environment including persons around them and the therapist needs to be wary of personal involvement. The most obvious example is that of anti-social personality disorder. If you have issues in this area it is essential that your therapist needs to have the skills and training in psychotherapy and psychopathology which is not often associated with simply being a hypnotherapist.

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