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Performance Enhancement and Hypnotherapy

Performance Enhancement and Hypnotherapy

This is one of my teaching weekends, and it is one of my favourite subjects working with performance issues with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has the advantage of being useful for issues that perhaps would not normally worked with in traditional psychotherapy.

There are several techniques which are used in addition to the hypnosis. The first is goal setting, with SMART goals. SMART, meaning Specific, Measureable, Achievable and Timed. Goals need to confirm to these topics, in order to make  the goal or outcome achievable. Once it is achievable work can be done to make it a reality.

Once this is done, we look at arousal management, which is also a key component in effective performance enhancement. Arousal is essential in sport for certain, but also other elements of performance. Anchoring is another technique I employ for performance enhancement. Anchoring is a naturally occurring phenomena first researched by Ivan Pavlov. By setting up an appropriate resource anchor, can help the client continue to enhance their performance outside of the consulting room. As with many other issues, it is essential that the client is able to maintain their results without the necessity of the therapist. For any therapy to be successful, it is necessary for the therapist to become redundant.

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