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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

I am often asked by students and members of the public my views on Past Life Regression.  There are several factors that I believe are critical in working with people who are seeking this controversial process.

  1. The client’s belief system is more important than that of the therapist. I endeavour to work within your client’s world, whatever you yourself choose to believe is the truth regarding Past Life Regression, after all it is not about me, it is about my clients.
  1. Whether the stories that my clients recount are true or not is less important than what these stories mean to the clients. I endeavour to use skills that assist the client gain a therapeutic benefit, if relevant, from their stories.
  1. Some clients may choose to do a past life regression for “fun”. This may be fine, but I am always aware of the possible implications and am able to act appropriately for the benefit of the client.

Accessing past lives can provide the basis for very powerful therapy. Developing this expertise opens up a whole new avenue for working with clients, whatever their belief systems.

As described by Roger Woolger past life regression gives:

“An alternative path to self-improvement and self-enlightenment that addresses the whole person: mind, body and spirit”

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