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Overthinking is the Enemy

Overthinking is the Enemy

When a person comes to therapy for the first time, it is a very big step. Indeed, when a person comes to therapy is it very possible that this will be the first time that the client ever really looks closely and strategically at the issue that they have.

This is an important step in overcoming an issue, however there can be a downside. This downside is a complete over thinking about themselves and their issues. Whilst it is necessary to look at a client’s issue in depth, there is a risk that this analysis could lead to a client looking under stones that do not need to be looked at. Also there is the potential that the client will begin to imagine all kinds of causes and mitigation relating to their issue.

I try to make a point with my clients that it is, of course, perfectly appropriate to look at the myriad of contributing factors to the issue that they have. However, it is essential to have down time from it as well. Sometimes when a person focuses too intently on their problem, they will not see a solution through the fog of their thoughts.

Thinking is a good thing, but when the thinking becomes more obsessional, it is time to take a break and live your life.

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