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One of My Favourite Teaching Weekends

One of My Favourite Teaching Weekends

Today I start one of my favourite teaching weekends for my hypno-psychotherapy students, this weekend it is mainly about practice building. This is one of the most important aspects of a training course, because no matter how skilled a practitioner is as a therapist, it counts for nought if they cannot earn a living when they graduate.

I know that I have colleagues who find this part of things a bit unsavoury, the discussion of money or appropriate compensation can make people uncomfortable. I tell my students, that it is essential that they see money merely as a byproduct of services rendered. Nothing more nothing less.

All professionals are expected to be compensated for their work therapists are no different. However, this compensation must be arrived at in an ethical manner. To charge fees commensurate with experience and to ensure that money never becomes an obstacle for good therapy is an essential component of this.

Practice building is about more than money, it is also about establishing yourself in the professional community in which you serve. To be recognised as the go to person for your discipline is just as important as the crassness of money. I look forward to getting stuck into this today.

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