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On The Hypnosis Road Again

On The Hypnosis Road Again

Throughout my career one of the great thrills I have had was being able to go to various parts of the world and lecture on hypnosis and its therapeutic aspects. I have been as far as China and Australia, and to places as far a field as Latvia and Romania. The trip that was always in my diary year in and out was the National Guild of Hypnotism’s Annual Convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts. I have had some of my favourite professional and personal experiences there.

For a myriad of reasons, I have not been at this event since 2009 it has left a rather large hole in my diary. I am pleased to say that this year I am going back. I consider it very much like a homecoming, as the National Guild has honoured me with many awards including the Ormond McGill Chair and Rexford L North Trophy (Lifetime Achievement) in addition to my holding Diplomate status with them. It is a very real pleasure and honour to be presenting at this, the largest hypnosis convention in the world.

If you are a professional hypnotherapist, perhaps you might want to make the journey to be amongst some of the most interesting and innovative professionals in the field.

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