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On Endings

On Endings

I was awoken just after 0100 this morning with a message that a very good friend of mine had died that evening. Of course, I was desperately saddened about this. Death is in actuality the ultimate ending. It made me think, as I fell back to sleep, about all the endings I have seen in my life.

Often clients will come to me over one ending or another, be that death or the end of a relationship, job or marriage. I guess that as we get older the spectre of endings and loss gets ever greater. Of course, some endings are a good thing. The ending of a bad marriage, or unhappy job or relationship, even the ending of a life that has been suffering can be a positive thing.

However, in the main, when we think about endings these are seldom positive. Indeed, they often remind us of our own sense of mortality. To be human is to be mortal. Sometimes I think we all forget that. Endings are often painful, but can also become, in time, a source of strength. Endings, can also be about new beginnings, though it seldom seems so at the time. I don’t have a pithy closing for you today, just make the most of every day as none of us know how many we have.

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