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OCD and Dating

OCD and Dating

This morning I read a very interesting article about one man’s experience with having an OCD and dating. It led me to think of how difficult it is for relationships to survive even when all the factors are favourable. I wondered how difficult it would be to overcome obsessive complulsive behaviour when in a relationship.

I would imagine that the person without the OCD would require a great deal of patience and understanding when dealing with the other’s compulsions. Also, I wonder how the other partner would deal with the possible manifestation of other compulsions which morph from the original one.

OCD’s do have a tendency to get worse with time and they do not necesarrily remain fixated on the original compulsion. What I mean is that the obsession can begin to mutate by finding other areas in which the person can fixate on which are similar to the original compulsion.

It is sad really that the treatment of OCD’s is so poor. In reality, talking therapies can make some difference in the condition. Invariably, however, medication will also need to form part of the treatment regime. Often with the best will in the world, those who suffer complex OCD’s will only gain little improvement over time with any form of treatment.

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