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Obesity is on the Rise

Obesity is on the Rise

One of the most common issues a hypnotherapist works with is to help clients to get to grips with their weight. For many people there is a desire to lose a few pounds to a couple of stone in weight. However, there has become a preponderance of people going from wanting to lose a few pounds to needing to lose a great deal of weight due to chronic obesity.

Recently research has been led by scientists from Imperial College London and published  in The Lancet, compared body mass index (BMI) among almost 20 million adult men and women from 1975 to 2014. The statistics are a great concern to health care professionals.

Obesity throughout the world has gone up in went up from 3.2% in 1975 to 10.8%, while among women they rose from 6.4 % in 1975 to 14.9%. In real terms thsi means that there are 266 million obese men and 375 million obese women in the world in 2014. China and the US have more obese people than in any other country in the world.

It is essential that in order to lose weight, one must ingest less calories than they burn off. Hypnosis is very effective in helping to maintain the motivation to achieve this as well as helping to motivate people to become more physically active.


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