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Obesity and Early Death

Obesity and Early Death

In the recent edition of the Lancet, a report has been published which says that obesity in men puts them at a greater risk of premature death than women. Obesity has now overtaken smoking as the number one cause of death in Europe and North America.

It is obvious that the lifestyle that many people are living is actually causing a “deathstyle” in that our love for foods that are not particularly good for us and an increased intake of alcohol is proving to be a lethal combination when it comes to public health.

Not a week goes by in my practice where someone presents looking to lose weight and get healthy. However, it is not simply about losing weight, it is about establishing and maintaining a health relationship with food and drink which is at the heart of good health.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet, as some people hope it would be. It is a tool to help clients to make behavioural changes when it comes to eating. Perhaps just as important, it can also aid in motivation which is essential when it comes to having a healthy relationship with food and drink. There are no gimmicks using hypnosis, a client still has to put the work in, but hypnosis does make the process easier for the individual who wants to make a new relationship with food and drink. Get healthy, before it is too late.

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