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It’s Not All About Clinical Practice and Teaching

It’s Not All About Clinical Practice and Teaching

I have been in continual practice now for 29 years, and I have never tired or got bored with the work that I do. I suppose that makes me a very fortunate man. The lion’s share of what I do revolves around my clinical work with some teaching commitments. However, there is a third pillar to my work which is neither sexy nor really very much fun. This is my work regarding the regulation of psychotherapy in general and hypno-psychotherapy specifically.

This is a busy week in that regard, later today I will be chairing the College of Hypo-Psychotherapists meeting. A job I have done on and off since the late 1990’s and this year being my last year in the Chair. Tomorrow I am at the Professional Regulatory Committee of the Colleges and Faculties (PRCCF) of the UK Council for Psychotherapists. This is the committee which looks at the regulation of the profession and is represented by the Chair’s of all the Colleges and Faculties of the UKCP.

I have always said that if you want your profession to grow and develop, get involved with its growth and development. I have had the privilege of serving the profession in many different capacities over the last three decades. I urge newer practitioners to get involved and help make the profession something we can all be proud of.

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