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Nonsensical Hypnosis Susceptibility Test

Nonsensical Hypnosis Susceptibility Test

Can everyone be hypnotised? The answer is yes, but with a caveat that just because a person can be hypnotised does not mean the will experience therapeutic benefits. I was looking at the news and came across an article which gave people a test they could take to determine their hypnotisability. This test is, of course, a nonsense. It again is an article that trivialises the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

The depth of trance is an irrelevance to therapeutic outcomes. All the research shows that trance depth is an irrelevance to everything except pain work. Hypnosis and trance are not magical states they are actually naturally occurring phenomena. It is the Psychotherapeutic element of hypnotherapy that makes hypnosis therapeutic not the trance itself.

This is one of the reasons I have been going on about the importance of psychotherapy training as part of the whole of hypnotherapy. And when I say psychotherapy training I mean legitimate psychotherapy training. That means UKCP or BACP or BPC qualifications. I know there are hypnotherapists who disagree, but in my mind you can never be too qualified. So worry less about hypnotisability and worry far more about therapeutic usefulness. This ultimately is the most important thing.

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