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There are No Short Cuts in Life or Therapy

There are no Short Cuts in Life of Therapy

When musing on what to write this morning, I decided to take a stroll to collect a few things that I needed out on the high street. The weather was fine and it was quiet and most pleasant to be outside. On the walk back I noticed a short cut back to my place, which I immediately opted to take, only to discover that at the end it was fenced off and I had to double back to my original route.

So why mention this for this post, well, it appears to me that many of us are often looking for the quick fix the easy path and the easiest way to do things. Therapeutically, I have many clients who have tried such short cuts to attempt to resolve their issues, only to have a short amount of respite before having to take the longer more established way forward. This is not to say that all therapy takes a lot of time, but rather to say that you cannot rush progress or process.

So for those of you who are undertaking therapy, please allow things to unfold as they do all things will come good if you do your part and your therapist does his or her part as well.

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