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NLP Neurological Levels

NLP Neurological Levels

The basic concept of NLP Neurological Levels is that the upper levels have a direct impact on lower levels. For example, if you struggle with daily exercise (which is a behaviour), then you can change your views about exercise by incorporating this technique.There are six different NLP Neurological levels and human behavior can be altered by using these different levels.

The lowest level is the Environment is how you react to the world around you.Then your Behaviour is the next level and this is defined as to how you react (what you say and do) in to outside influences.How things are carried out is based on our Capabilities. Our capabilities are talents, skills and knowledge that we have learned throughout of life.Your belief system and core values are what are true and important to you. These are usually operated at a subconscious level.Your identity is who you think you are and your actions are based on this belief.Spiritually is the sixth and highest level and this is all about connecting with a “higher power”.

Understanding these levels will help you form educated decisions. For instance, something may seem like a great idea at level one, but when viewed from a different level, it may not seem like such a great idea.It is believed that the more this model is incorporated into our lives and the more we think at a higher level, the more neurology is involved in the process.

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