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NHS Funded Hypnotherapy

NHS Funded Hypnotherapy

In a recent article it has been said that for women who are afraid of giving birth were given £500 to fund things like hypnotherapy classes to help them to manage the birth and have a better birthing experience. This was funding for 6 women who suffered with tokophobia which is a fear of giving birth. Now, of course this was not without controversy there have been calls stating that this was a waste of money. Not that the approaches were unsound, but that these should be self funded rather than paid for by the NHS.

Figures show that the cost of a cesarian section is £3,781 whilst a natural birth costs £1985. Taking these figures as accurate that it is £1796 cheaper for a natural birth and even with the £500 spend it is £1296 cheaper to do a natural birth. So actually, this spend seems perfectly reasonable. However, maybe the NHS should look at properly incorporating things like Easibirthing into a regular natural birthing protocol.

There are challenges which face the health service and the country, we need to be able to be novel in the way we look at things. Hypnosis offers an inexpensive way to make certain issues easier to deal with. It should be used far more regularly.

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