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New Year Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

New Year Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

The New Year is barely four days old and the articles have already started “Losing Weight is all in the Mind” and “Think Yourself Thin” are common themes as to what is being written. These articles male weight loss sound the easiest thing in the world to do. Indeed so easy you must be a bit of a fool for not doing these things already. Oh if life were really as simple as some hypnotherapists and journalists would have you believe.

The truth is that, yes for many parts of weight loss issues the mind is key. However, what is not correct is that you can simply think yourself thin as a viable option. Often times, weight issues are less about food and more about emotional and psychological issues. Weight is often a symptom of far more in-depth issues a client needs to face. There is no simple solution to this, it takes work by both the client and therapist to achieve a lasting change.

All too often, clients (and even therapists) want a quickie solution to the weight question. However, it is only through genuine work and honest appraisal can Hypnotherapy or anything else be effective in weight management.

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