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A New Group and a New City Sort Of

A New Group and a New City Sort Of

In addition to my clinical and supervisionary practice, I have, since 1993, trained people to become hypnotherapists and from 1996 psychotherapists as well. I have always enjoyed both this responsibility and privilege, as I feel that to be a teacher you need to be at the top of your game clinically as well as knowledge-wise. By which I mean, I need to stay on top of up to date clinical research to not only be a good practitioner, but also as a teacher of the art of hypno-psychotherapy.

Since 2007,  I have been the principal of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, the oldest hypnotherapy/psychotherapy in the UK. As part of those duties, I have trained our London cohort from Foundation to Diploma. Over the past year, the academic board and I felt that perhaps that I needed a different training direction, so from this academic year, I am teaching the Foundation Course in London and Manchester. I will also teach a couple of modules on the Certificate course at both centres.

Today starts a new Manchester cohort, so as the title of this piece says a new group, but also, I am teaching a cohort for the first time in Manchester, which is sort of a new city for me, even though, I have made Manchester my home since 1991. So, it’s an exciting day for me and I hope my eager trainee hypno-psychotherapists.

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