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Never never never give up

Never never never give up

I think regular readers of my postings will begin to recognise a theme with regards to the Churchill quotes I am quoting. The idea of never giving up is a theme which is particularly important in life as well as in therapy. Therapy, unlike the way it is portrayed by some in our profession, is a process rather than a quick wham bam thank you ma’am technique.

The therapeutic process like life itself has its ups and downs. All too often clients will lose heart in the process when it is in a down period as well as many clients leaving therapy believing it is concluded when it is in an upward trajectory.

I eill often tell clients that therapy is not a race, but if it were it would be a marathon rather than a sprint. Therapy takes as long as it takes. We therapists must regulate expectations of our clients so as to not set them up for unrealistic expectations and failure.

In order to succeed in life as with therapy is to never ever give up. Whilst the going is difficult at times the truism that nothing in life worthwhile is easy is certainly apt.

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