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Needle Phobia and Hypnosis

Needle Phobia and Hypnosis

One of the more common phobias I tend to work with is that of people having a pathological fear of needles. Now I know that many of you may be thinking that this is not something that effects people on a daily basis, and yes that is true (unless of course you are a type 1 diabetic or person who injects on a regular basis to get high).

The fact that this is not something people need to confront on a daily basis, it does not mean that they do not spend a great deal of time thinking and worrying about it. Indeed, I have had clients who will stress about the next time they need to take an injection as soon as the completed the last one that they had. More often than not these sufferers know that they will be alright. Indeed, some will faint have the injection and leave the surgery perfectly fine.

Needle phobia tends to be a real concern with pregnancy, which is a time when many clients present to me. The reason, they felt they could avoid needles for themselves, but they are unwilling to take that chance with their unborn child. I find that a person doesn’t fear the actual injection, but rather the feeling of something being put into them or taken out.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way to help a client rationalise and move away from this fear. Obviously, it is unnecessary for the client to enjoy needles, but it would be great if they could simply be neutral about them.

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