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The Need for Professional Intervention

The Need for Professional Intervention

When people are in emotional or psychological distress, their vision is often clouded because they are in the middle of the situation and often cannot see a clear way out for themselves. This quagmire makes it difficult or I some cases for the person to move forward at all and they stay in a cycle of going around and around in their heads trying desperately to get out of the situation.

Part of the key roll of the professional therapist is for him or her to be able to take a meta position with regards to the client’s issue. What I mean by this is a position which can see all sides of the issue and to be neutral as to the specifics of the situation. Of course, the therapist is wanting to assist the client, but it is not necessary or advisable for the therapist to become emotionally engaged with the client’s issue.

Often times, the therapist helps the client to see potential solutions which may have escaped the client’s awareness. Also the the therapist can help the client to work through the very real emotional difficulties which come from psychological and emotional disturbance. The therapist can do what friends and family cannot, remain impartial and whilst still working for the benefit of the client, be able to be detached enough to not get emotionally involved.

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