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Nature and Mental Health

Nature and Mental Health

As the weather improves, ones thoughts turn to being out of doors and enjoying the spring and summer weather. For most people this is an obvious thing to want to do, after all, being outside is enjoyable and allows for an opportunity to socialise with new people as well as family and friends.

Recently, it has been shown that being out of doors also has a benefit on mental health issues, both in prevention as well as treatment of existing issues. Ecotherapy is the use of outdoor activities as well as talking therapy to assist clients to deal with mental health issues.

Whilst I am not an Ecotherapist, I do give some of my clients tasks which involve being outside and keeping active whilst enjoying the outside. Cycling and walking are the two most common tasks I give to my clients. Getting outside and active will help uplift mood, as well as dealing with the increased adrenaline caused by anxiety issues.

Adding this into a person’s routine, will also make these activities not exceptions to a person’s life style, but rather making being active and outside as a core to their daily routine which can only help a person to feel better in both mind and body.

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