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Music and Trance

Music and Trance

I will often use music as part of my hypnotic sessions. There are two reasons for that, it builds an auditory anchor for my clients to know it is time for hypnosis as well as it being able to help fill the room so that my voice does not have to do all the work.

I have been reminded of late on the power of music in terms of altering our consciousness. How music actually can create neurological and physiological changes in us. How often have you heard a song which then takes you back to a specific place or to a specific person. You were not thinking of either of these things before the music started, but the power of the music simply transported you there?

Music is powerful and should be viewed as such. Music causes emotional responses, music can console us when we are feeling sad and music can make us nostalgic for times gone past. As I am fond of reminding my students, trance is not always a formal process. Music is truly one of the most naturalistic means of entering an altered state without even being aware of it. On that thought, I think I will put on some tunes and let my mind wander.

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