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Music and Mood

Music and Mood

I was reading a piece today where a person talked about how music had assisted her with her depression. This, of course is not an uncommon phenomenon. Music inspires, it moves, it drives creativity so why should it not help with depression. Indeed, there will be for most people there are songs which act as anchors for particular experiences, memories and states.

Many couples, for example, have a song which reminds them of a significant event or memory in their relationship. I even utilise music as part of the hypnotherapeutic process which I offer to clients. The music that I use is meant to act as an anchor to the hypnotic state which they experience in session. In other words, the music anchors the state.

Music is one of the things which make humans what they are, much reflects the creativity of humankind. We as psychotherapists should be using all things to assist our clients to actualise and sometimes using things which a client comes into contact with every day.

So, if you find yourself at a low ebb, why not put on some tunes, see how you feel. If you get a significant rise in mood, make a note of it and use this as your good mood anchor.

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