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Music and Mental Health

Music and Mental Health

As a psychotherapist, I am asked by friends and family alike what they can do to help them with their mental health. Obviously there are some obvious things, looking after their diet, exercising, handling their stress in a healthy way and of course moderate alcohol intake will all assist people with basic mental health first aid. However, I add an additional bit and that is music.

Music is one of humankind’s fundamental gifts to the world and indeed is a true expression of our creative side. However, music also has a very distinct effect on our mental health. I am sure that you all have had experience with a song which has some emotional connection with your life. Maybe it is the song when you met your partner, or a school song or some such connection. This is were we get into helping with mental health.

Music has an effect on our emotions so, why should we not be using music as a means of lifting ourselves up when we are low. Or using music to motivate us to do things. Music is a potent ally in psychotherapy in my opinion and that a very constructive thing you can do to help your mental state, put on some tunes and enjoy.

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