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Movement Whilst Standing Still

Movement Whilst Standing Still

In therapy there are parts in the process where it feels as though nothing is moving at all. This can often be mistaken as being the end of the process, when actually it is possibly the point before a major movement occurs. This can sometimes be very difficult to both explain from the therapist perspective and to understand from the client perspective.

As most people who know me professionally know, I am a metaphor lover and I find these a great way to deliver both therapy and explanations. I have now found one for this non movement movement. Netball, yes netball.

I was watching the Commonwealth Games netball final. Netball was not a sport I grew up with. I was preplexed as to why the person with the ball could not move, only pass the ball. Then it occurred to me, just because a person does not seem to be moving, that doesn’t mean they aren’t. The ball is constantly in motion, and to me the ball is an excellent representation of the therapeutic process. In other words, even when there appears to be no movement, there is. The movement is more important than the image of movement.

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