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Mottephobia- Fear of moths

Mottephobia- Fear of moths

There are many types of winged creatures which come into our space. Some are majestic like an eagle some are beautiful like the butterfly. However, one of the more disliked winged creature is the moth. Generally, they come out at night and tend to get in the way. For most people, moths are just a nuisance and something that one simply has to deal with. However, there are some people who have an intense and very real fear of these winged annoyances. Mottephobia is a pathological and intense fear of moths.

Whilst, of course, moths are an irritant. They also have the ability to be damaging, especially to clothing. This can cause a certain degree of fear in some, but more likely is the potential of seeing large numbers of them clustered together which can be a trigger for the fear. Also, it is possible that in a person’s childhood the sufferer may have been taunted by older siblings or friends with moths. This whilst innocent at the time can lead to a long term discomfort for the sufferer.

Hypno-Psychotherapy can be used to assist sufferers with this condition through the use of regression and desensitization.

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