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Motorphobia- Fear of automobiles

Motorphobia- Fear of automobiles

In our fast paced lifestyle, it is considered very important to be able to get from A to B in the shortest possible time. It would be impossible not to notice that there has been a great proliferation of automobiles over the past three decades. It appears that everybody seems to own at least one car, some more than one. It is seen as the most efficient way to get about and to get to our destinations in the shortest possible time. For most people, cars as simply a fact of life, we pay them little more attention than that.

However, for some people, these everyday vehicles can cause a great deal of discomfort, fear and anxiety. Motorphobia is the pathological and intense fear of cars and automobiles. This fear can be caused at any time and unlike many phobias I have discussed thus far, there does not need to be a link to early childhood development. That being said, it can have a link, but it is not necessary. Form most sufferers, the fear begins with some sort of trauma related to the car, most commonly an accident. This trauma makes the sufferer, lack confidence in either their own or others use of the car and therefore the car becomes something to avoid.

Using hypno-psychotherapy, we can often help the client to desensitize this experience so that he/she is at least able to be around and use cars with a greater degree of confidence which in the end makes it safer for them.

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