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More than One in Four Britons Seeking Therapy

More than One in Four Britons Seeking Therapy

In a recent MORI Poll published by the Independent shows an increase of Britons presenting for therapy 28%, with the highest user group being between the ages of 35 and 40. If you are interested you can read the full article HERE

With so many people now going to therapy it is important to know what the differences are in the types of therapy one can seek, as well as the importance of seeing a practitioner who is properly regulated. Psychotherapy is often seen as a single entity profession, which is not the case at all. There are several different modalities of psychotherapy which are recognised by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (the lead body for psychotherapy in the UK). These modalities are organised into the following colleges:

Practitioners who are members of these 11 colleges have undertaken a minimum of 1800 Master’s Degree level training in psychotherapy in general and their modality specifics. Whilst psychotherapy is not statutorily regulated by the state, it is currently being regulated through the “Accredited Voluntary Regulation” scheme of the Professional Standards Authority, formally known as the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence.

If you are considering presenting for therapy, please ensure that your practitioner is a member of a PSA Accredited Voluntary Register.

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