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More Talk About Regulation

More Talk About Regulation

On the Victoria Derbyshire programme, there has been a discussion about unethical therapists and the lack of regulation regarding the practise of psychotherapy and counselling. The stories which were relayed were very troubling and showed a lack of regard for the clients in question. The profession had worked for years to achieve statutory regulation for psychotherapy and counselling. This work came to nought when the coalition government took power, as the Conservative party is very clear that they are anti regulation.

The profession has improved the way they handle complaints regarding therapists. Indeed, the UK Council for Psychotherapy has a Central Complaints Process which is a very rigorous procedure which is designed to protect the public. Now of course, this does not have the teeth that a statutory regulator would have, but as long as a practitioner does not need to be registered with any organisation the situation of negligent and unethical therapists can continue without any real interference.

The time has come for the government to work with the profession in order to come up with a regulatory system which will protect the public. This would go a long way to ensuring good practice as being a cornerstone of the professional practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

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