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More Single Session Nonsense

More Single Session Nonsense

I was reading a post today which spoke of resolving anxiety in one session. Now, let me start by saying it is possible for a single session to yield some results and can allay some of the symptoms of anxiety. However, it is unlikely that a single session will be enough to help the client fully resolve issues like anxiety.

Now, I understand the desire to make single session protocols work. Indeed, there are some which do show promise. However, these approaches incorporate psychotherapy and a deep understanding of psychological process. It is far more than a simple single session hypnosis session.

This is where I get on my soap box again. It is deceptive to promise single session miracle results for psychological issues. In reality, practitioners should know better. However, many practitioners mimic what they were taught by their trainers. Trainers need to take far more responsibility for the information they impart to their students. Often it is a matter of trainer ego in that they want to seem all knowing and all skilled by their students.

This is irresponsible and does not really prepare students for the challenges of clinical practice. The public deserve well trained and ethical practitioners. The best way to achieve this is for trainers to take their responsibilities seriously.

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