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More on Titles in Hypnotherapy

More on Titles in Hypnotherapy

I have written on many occasions, but it appears that my please have fallen on deaf ears. So, I thought I would try again. Hypnotherapists need to understand that the more ornate that try to make their practice title the more ridiculous it sounds at best and could well be considered misleading at worst. Hypnotherapist is an honourable title and it is what a person actually is.

I know that there is a fashion in a sense of adding to that title the “type” or hypnotherapist they consider themselves to be. Titles like Clinical Hypnotherapist, Analytical Hypnotherapist, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist are all titles I have seen and heard used. Other than the first of these, which is simply a restatement of what all hypnotherapists are (users of hypnosis in a therapeutic way), the others are descriptors. These are ok in professional use.

I am concerned about titles like “Senior Hypnotherapist” and “Consultant Hypnotherapist” and other titles that are not awarded by any professional body and are just made up by the practitioner. I think the profession should agree to only use the title Hypnotherapist with perhaps a descriptor if desired and nothing else. It is the honest way to market the services you provide.

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