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More on Therapist Self Care

More on Therapist Self Care

Today I thought I would write about a subject that seems more and more to be coming into my office and this is about self care. In this case, however, rather than writing about how our clients need to take better care of themselves, I would like to focus on how we therapists need to do better in this regard.

I talk to colleagues all the time and they nearly all talk about how stressed and under pressure they feel. Now, of course some of this will be the stresses and strains of running ones own business. But for many it is more than this. Therapists I know seem to be spending every waking hour thinking about the work or their client. Now one could argue that to take work seriously is a laudable trait, but even therapists need down time.

I learned this lesson rather late in my career, certainly the first 20 or so years, I lived and breathed the work. I took very little time off and was constantly talking to people both in and out of the profession about work related topics. I have since learned better, and that there is a place for work and a place for Shaun. There needs to be interests for all of us that fall outside of our work. If for no other reason, to help us to be human and connected.

I urge my colleagues to, wherever possible, find an interest that they can enjoy which has nothing to do with the work. I assure you that it will reap benefits in the long run.

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