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More on the Hypnotic Gastric Band

More on the Hypnotic Gastric Band

I am really getting sick and tired of the media putting on stories of unproven hypnotherapeutic interventions. This Morning featured a couple who have now “created” the “Gastric Mind Band” (as if this type of therapeutic clap trap has not been around for the past decade or more). Using the husband in this duo as the guinea pig it is claimed that he went from 18.5 to 13.5 stone. Impressive, and totally unproven. This is the rub.

When people in the hypnotherapy world claim that they have “created” a new approach the evidence which they claim makes what they do valid is nearly always anecdotal. For something, anything, therapeutic to really be able to claim that this is a proven and useful approach it needs testing. This testing needs to be independent and verifiable testing, not sitting on a sofa and saying “Wow, we came up with this and it really works”.

I also noted in this interview how it was slipped in that this came about because of a quite famous lady who came to stop smoking who had started to put on weight after the treatment. It is really getting on my nerves that in a profession which should pride itself on confidentiality seems to allow people to make statements about the relative fame of clients. If this method is so wonderful, it could and should have been inspired by anyone who presented with this issue rather than a famous person.

Remember, take in less calories than you burn off, that is the formula (evidenced based) that will help you successfully lose weight. Yes motivation and lifestyle changes will be essential too, but no imaginary band is going to give you the weight loss you want without the above formula. If you embrace the formula you can save time and money on any kind of “hypno-gastric band”.

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