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More on Exercise and Mental Health

More on Exercise and Mental Health

In a very large study in the United States, 1.2 million people reported on their physical activity for a month and then rated their mental state. Those who exercised had a day and a half less “bad days”than those who didn’t. Though impressive the Lancet could not confirm that the physical activity was the actual cause of the improved mental state.

Many years ago I co wrote a book with Fiona Biddle on Motivation. We determined that the X factor of therapeutic success was the motivati9nal style of the client in question.

Many people come to see me wanting to be more physically active but do not have the drive to do so. Hypnotherapy or more specifically Motivational Hypnotism has helped many people find that part of themselves that gets them to be physically active again.

Now in my view it is irrelevant whether the activity alone is responsible for better mental health. What is important is the besides this physical activity is good for a person’s physical health. I have always said the two things are linked so exercise is a good thing across the board. If you are feeling down, why not take a walk and see if that helps lift your mood.

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